Countdown to The BIG Show – 1 Day!

We are so excited to showcase all of ART 180’s young artists tomorrow night at The BIG Show! For the past 12 weeks, we’ve delighted in getting to know and work alongside nearly 150 young people such as Tyren Gray. In our sculpture program at Broad Rock Elementary School, he and others have crafted artworks that represent what they value most. At ART 180, we value these young people and their self-expression through art. We also value you, the Richmond community, and we hope you will join us at The BIG Show–to celebrate our young people, their creativity, and give them our support!

See you tomorrow!

Countdown to The BIG Show – 2 Days!

Preparations are moving full speed ahead as we get ready to bring you ART 180’s BIGgest Show of the year!Today at Henderson Middle School, Anastasia Catalino and her fellow dramatic artists put the finishing touches on the monologues they’ll be performing on June 6, which recount an incident that transformed their lives. Join us this Wednesday and hear firsthand the passionate, humorous and moving stories you won’t hear anywhere else but The BIG Show.

Countdown to The BIG Show – 3 Days!

Don’t miss Jazmin Harris’s appearance tomorrow (Monday) on “Virginia This Morning” between 9 and 10 a.m. on Channel 6. As a member of our new alumni group, she’ll be representing all of ART 180’s young people and sharing information about the upcoming BIG Show. This year Jazmin worked alongside 12 other teen alumni to create a mural at the first RVA Street Art Festival, and produced two documentaries exploring current issues in our community. She’d be delighted show you their work and tell you more about the future of ART 180 at The BIG Show!

Countdown to The BIG Show – 4 Days!

Teonne Smith and the young artists from the Capital One Boys & Girls Club are shaping their futures by imagining who they will be in ten years. Working collaboratively with a variety of media, they have created large-scale dioramas that form a “backdrop” for their future selves. Come to The BIG Show and find out what’s in store for these young people as they grow and transform our community!

Countdown to The BIG Show – 5 Days!

It’s less than a week until The BIG Show–and we are getting excited. The young people, including Nautica Brown and the SOHO alumni girls at Friends Association for Children, are putting the finishing touches on their artwork so that they can share it with you! Nautica is part of ART 180’s fashion program, where she has learned to make her own clothing. The design reflects the unique young person that she is–please join us on June 6 to see her beautiful creation!

Countdown to The BIG Show - 8 Days!

Treat yourself to the sounds of WEMS FM 180 as our young djs from Elkhardt Middle School spin vinyl at The BIG Show. This spring, India Paige and the others in our program have hit pause on their iPods and put the needle on the record– to explore the art of vinyl records and the djs who play them, and discover a new side of themselves. You’ll want to hear this show!

India, 13

Countdown to The BIG Show – 9 Days!

Bryce Bedford is putting together the pieces of his dream machine, a collection of multimedia works that allow him to create a greater vision of himself and his future. We hope you will find Bryce at his exhibit at The BIG Show, and ask him and his fellow artists from the Falling Creek Boys & Girls Club about their artwork!

Bryce, 12

Countdown to The BIG Show – 10 Days!

Transformation occurs in every ART 180 program, but we rarely see it literally take place within a single artwork–as we do in the dance piece choreographed by our young people at Blackwell Elementary School. There Tamiyah Crawley, Alonshay Witcher and others have learned how creative movement can help them express themselves, and feel good doing it! Their performance at The BIG Show will incorporate yoga, dance, poetry and more. Don’t miss it.

Countdown to The BIG Show – 11 Days!

Shantaeja Grier and Jade Perry have travelled an interesting path over the past 12 weeks in our street art program at Boushall Middle School. Their destination? The creation of a large-scale painted map of a place discovered only through their own imagination. In the city they’ve made spaghetti grass lines the streets, hamburgers have wheels and nearly everything is edible. Let these young artists take you on a guided tour of this magical world at The BIG Show!

Countdown to The BIG Show – 12 Days!

Jaysen is coming to The BIG Show–are you? Preparations are in full swing for ART 180’s premier annual event, which takes place this year on Wednesday, June 6 at 6pm at the Plant Zero event space.

The BIG Show is our chance to celebrate the spectacular young talent of Richmond. This inspiring event features art works ranging from street art to sculpture, dance to documentary film–all created by young people at 12 program sites throughout the City. We’ll be counting down to The BIG Show on June 6 by featuring one program a day for the next two weeks.

Jaysen Walker and others in the ART 180 program at The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club look forward to sharing their stories at The BIG Show. They’ll be putting their words to music in a unique performance of the poetry only they could write.

Won’t you join us June 6 and hear what they have to say?